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Troop 101 Awards


While the method of leadership have changed through the course of Troop 101, the standard for achievement has not and our scouting program has maintained a rich history of excellence. The vast accumulation of troop awards with trophies, plaques, certificates, and ribbons displayed within the Scouting Complex is an impressive reminder to our young men of the ideal derived from the difficult scouting challanges of the past that have forged into a tradition of accomplishments continued into our modern era. We are a part of a legacy and our troop accepts the responsibility needed to continue succeeding in its challanges and endeavors to fulfill our contributition to the persisiting standard of excellence which still prevails in Troop 101.

By clicking any of the links below, you will be taken to various awards pages where the boys, the leaders and the troop have received an award or recognition. Troop 101 has a rich history of awards (celebrating 80 years), but the majority of the awards shown on this web site have been accumulated since the inception of this web site.

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